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Chair Mould Product computer screen showing mold design

A quality product comes from a good injection mould design . Our experienced team of engineers work with latest engineering tools and software helping you construct a quality plastic part . This also allows our tooling engineers to create the best and most cost effective tooling for your project requirements .

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Mold Design engineers discussing in front of computers

ISM Mould is an injection mold supplier with decades of experience in mold design. Our molds are precise, durable, and designed to be efficient in the manufacturing process.

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CNC Machining

ISM Mould CNC machines are very precise and have high tolerances. This service is ideal for prototyping and producing actual parts made of metal, resins or a combination of the two.

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professional injection mold making

The molds developed by ISM MOULD have the advantages of high difficulty , long life ,short cycle time , reasonable price , prompt delivery and considerate service ,which are favored by customers at home and abroad

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Plastic injection molding

Our injection molding factory is fitted with ultra modern equipment that churns out hundreds of injection molding parts on demand. We use premium quality materials for every project.