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We usually use Chinese brand steel. Such as general furniture molds and daily necessities molds, we will use P20 steel; Chair, turnover box or Pallet Mould and other finer product molds use 718H. In addition, we will also use imported German steel according to customer requirements.

We use AutoCAD software for 2D drawings, and UG, CATIA, Pro-E software for 3D drawings.

Before mold production, we will send 2D/3D product modelling drawings and mold structure design drawings to customers for confirmation.

Our annual production capacity is 600 sets and more, including 300 plastic chair molds and 200 turnover box molds...

The company has technical research and development department, production center, quality inspection department, marketing department, sales department, export shipping documents and other departments, and there are 100 employees in total.

We put quality first. We carefully check the detailed specifications of the mold steel ordered with the supplier, and conduct a hardness inspection of the mold steel through professional equipment. Before providing customers with test mold samples for inspection, we will conduct multiple mold trials and modify and improve the molds, and strive to provide customers with perfect product samples.

After all product drawings are confirmed, we usually provide customers with trial samples within 50-75 days. After the customer confirms the sample, the shipment will be completed within about 5 days.