Analyze the causes of bubbles in injection molded products


Bubble gas is very thin and belongs to vacuum bubble. G […]

Bubble gas is very thin and belongs to vacuum bubble. Generally speaking, if bubbles are found at the moment of mold opening, it is a gas interference problem. The formation of vacuum bubbles is due to insufficient plastic filling or low pressure. Under the rapid cooling of the injection mold, the fuel at the corner of the cavity is pulled, resulting in a volume loss. So what are the solutions?Plastic Pallet Moulds Manufacturers



      (1) Improve the injection energy: pressure, speed, time and material volume, and increase the back pressure to make the filling mold full.

      (2) Increase the material temperature and flow smoothly. Lowering the material temperature reduces shrinkage, and appropriately raises the mold temperature, especially the local mold temperature at the part of the vacuum bubble formed by the injection processing mold.

      (3) Set the gate in the thick part of the part, improve the flow of the nozzle, runner and gate, and reduce the consumption of pressure.

      (4) Improve the exhaust status of the mold.