Can the discarded plastic mold still be used?


After the injection mold has been used for a period of […]

After the injection mold has been used for a period of time, it may have to be scrapped for some reasons. Some friends may ask: Can the plastic product mold be used continuously through maintenance after it is scrapped? In fact, to answer this question, we must first find out why the secondary mold is invalid. A new mold has been manufactured, and the number of products produced in one cavity far exceeds that of the old moldPlastic Crate mould Manufacturers, and the old mold will be invalidated.
In this case, the old mold can be used continuously, the defect is that the production power is lower than the new mold; if the mold repair cost is too high or the repair requires most of the center parts to be replaced, it will be invalidated. In this case, you are willing to spend It can be repaired with the money; if part of the size or structure of the product produced by the mold cannot meet the customer's requirements, it will be invalidated and a new mold will be opened. In this case, the old mold cannot be used continuously to avoid forming customers Complaints.



   is roughly as above. In fact, every manufacturer puts new molds into manufacturing every year, and then discards the old molds. Those old molds can be used continuously through repairs, but the quantity or quality of the products are definitely not as good as the new molds. The invalidation of the mold is related to the number of available applications. Generally, it is hundreds of thousands. If the output value is high, it will be invalid in a few months. The key is to look at the output value. The more produced, the faster it becomes obsolete.

  Injection mold obsolete specifications, product orders have been suspended, and the products produced by the mold are nowhere to be used. When the life of the mold has expired, and it has been severely damaged and cannot be repaired and used. Due to planning changes and original product changes, the mold cannot be changed or used for other purposes. The mold is cracked, and the surface roughness required by the product does not meet the product process requirements.