How can I do the box pallet injection molding machine line?


Box pallet injection molding machine line include big s […]

Box pallet injection molding machine line include big size injection molding machines and box pallet moulds,we are a large size injection molding machines maker China,we could supply you box pallet molding line.Box pallet molding line is suitable for box pallet mass production.Plastic thin wall mold Suppliers

Box pallet injection molding machines should have the following performance,with high clamping force,support heavy mould weight and large tie bar distance and enough open our website :

usually this kind of machine is with large size and heavy weight.The molding machines clamping force require more than 2500ton.

Box pallet molding line is a large invest in the molding industry,as the box pallet mould and box pallet injection machine is with large size.The workshop for box pallet molding line is also required big size.The professional supplier for the box pallet molding line with one stop service is very important.

Box pallet molding China could supply you a turnkey project for box pallet molding line.Thanks.