How does the processing of injection molds produce plastic products?


Since humans entered the industrial society, various pr […]

Since humans entered the industrial society, various products have got rid of manual operations. Fully automatic machine production has been popularized in all walks of life. The production of plastic products is no exception. Wuhan injection mold processing and the use of molds, such as various household appliances Digital product housing is a common injection molding in our daily life, so how is a complete plastic product produced? The editor of Wuhan Plastic Mould will explain to you today.
1. Heating and plasticizing
In the transmission system, the screw conveys the material forward to the material barrel, and the heater outside the barrel is compressed. The screw is mixed with the barrel and shear friction. The material gradually melts in the barrel, and a certain amount of molten plastic accumulates in the head. The pressure is in the melt, and the screw slowly retracts. The rear distance depends on the amount required for the first injection of the metering device. When the predetermined injection volume is reached, the screw stops rotating and rotates backward.
2. Mold clamping and locking

The clamping mechanism installs the mold and the mold part on the mobile mold, and performs mold clamping on the mold part of the mobile mold, so as to provide sufficient clamping force for the mold to lock the mold.
3. The injection device moves forward
When the mold is completed, the entire injection seat is pushed forward and moved forward to fully adapt to the nozzle of the injection molding machine and the main flow path of the mold.
4. Register and maintain pressure
It is completely suitable for the injection of high pressure oil in the clamping cylinder and the nozzle mold. When the screw is relative to the barrel, there will be enough pressure on the barrel head to accumulate before the melt enters the mold cavity. Because the temperature is reduced, the plastic shrinks to ensure sealing , The melt maintains a certain pressure to supplement the dimensional accuracy of the material and the mechanical properties required by the plastic mold cavity.
5. Pressure relief
When the melt at the gate of the mold freezes, the pressure can be relieved.
6. The injection device moves back
Generally speaking, after the discharging is completed, the screw can rotate and complete the next feeding and pre-plasticizing process backwards. (Under normal circumstances, the operation of current injection into the gate injection seat to evacuate the mold has been cancelled, and more serious casting materials such as PA are used when this operation is performed).
7. Mold opening and ejection of plastic parts
After the mold cavity is cooled and shaped, the clamping mechanism opens the mold, and the plastic parts in the mold are introduced.
Since then, a complete plastic product is completed. Of course, most of the plastic parts will require subsequent fuel injection, screen printing, hot stamping, laser engraving and auxiliary processes, and other products are assembled together to form a complete product Will eventually, ultimately in the hands of consumers.

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