How to do the injection mold design and processing?


Many plastic products used in life are injection molded […]

Many plastic products used in life are injection molded and molded. Is the plastic product doing well? Injection mold design is the key point. Processing an injection mold is an important part of design and processing. Injection mold design and processing is the core of the mold production process, which is like the heart of the human body. Once the design error occurs, the entire project fails.
How can we guarantee the quality of injection mold design and Plastic Pet Moulds suppliers processing? This requires an experienced review team to review the product before delivery. Advance prediction of some foreseeable problems in the manufacturing process. Through the consultation of the review department, find out the measures to improve the problem reasonably. After determining the design and processing plan of the injection mold, the 3D drawing is drawn by the engineer. Finally, there is a general plan review. In this way, the injection molds made by the layers will be guaranteed.