How to make the plastic basket mold life better


1. Good mold structure, good mold design: A qualified p […]

1. Good mold structure, good mold design:
A qualified plastic basket mold must have a complete mold structure to start manufacturing, so we spent a lot of time on mold structure analysis and mold design, including demolding angle, product surface microcosm, gate system design, exhaust problems, Cooling system design, hot runner balance issues, etc. In order to improve the cooling performance, the core and cavity of the mold adopt a special design. The unforeseen problems that are easy to appear in the mold structure design are solved by trial molds.

2. Good cooling system
The design of the cooling system is a very important task. It is necessary to consider the uniformity and cooling effect of cooling, as well as the impact on the overall structure of the mold, and determine the accurate position and size of the cooling system; the key part of the cooling is the movable template The inserts, sliders, core pulling, etc.; and use the design and selection of standard cooling elements.
Zhuo Shun Plastic Mould analyzed all a series of factors when it started the mould design. Each part of the mold has circulating water flow, which reduces the cooling time, improves the production efficiency, and greatly reduces the product cost.
The water cooling system is very important. We generally use a single-circuit cooling water circuit and try to set up even water distribution channels.

3. High-quality die steel
In order to improve die life and product quality, the hardness of die steel should be increased by heat treatment.
We usually use 718H, H13 or 2738 steel, and the four sliders are nitrided to increase the hardness.
In order to improve the cooling effect, beryllium bronze is inserted on the top of the core, the surface of the slider or the surface of the cavity.

4. Good daily maintenance
Good daily maintenance is an important part of extending the service life of all injection molds.
After using it for a period of time, check whether the water pipe and air circuit are open.
Lubricate the slider and clean the stripper during the production process.
After stopping production, the mold must be cleaned and sprayed with anti-rust agent in time.