How to use plastics imitations talents?


Plastic material imitating tool processing industry Neu […]

Plastic material imitating tool processing industry Neutralizing plastic molding machine, Nojo pre-plastic product and more complete structure type standard scale tool. Various plastic material processing methods, plastic molding machine, plastic material product structure or failure, because of plastic material imitation type material structure structure. Low plastic material imitation, poor quality, plastic material imitation, talented and effective extension of life?China Plastic Crate moulds Manufacturers
1, head position, secondary plastic material model, equipment, shoes, detailed description, statistics, usage (removal, cleansing, protection) Development, settlement, problem-solving information, short and short plastic model test time, and high production efficiency.


2, normal condition of plastic model, various kinds of performance of measuring model, performance of parallel molding, measuring of plastic molding, passing, and the like, credible status, embossing, core, cooling system Separation surface, etc., credibility to provide root-setting plastics, prompt decision-making, and improvisation.

3、Necessary plastic materials, imitations, critical zero parts Each individual production cycle binding after the end of the model Upper model type heater, stick type heater, heating probe and heating/electrical device, etc. Favorable recording, timely development issues, and handling.

4, important surface protection imitative surface protection. Surface protection Direct impact product surface quality, priority control prevention, cause, cause, selection, suitability, high quality, industrial anti-corrosion oil importance. After completion of the production of this imitation tool, inconsistent plastic injection and non-uniform injection method. Forbidden ginseng, steel strip, etc. Wakayu rot-fouling injection-induced cracking point, required polishing machine, polishing light, parallel protection, anti-corrosion oil, dry-drying, drying, spraying, non-dusting treatment.