Important factors in plastic bucket and pail mold making


Plastic mold making requires high precision machining, […]

Plastic mold making requires high precision machining, experienced skills, talented innovative designs and the most advanced technologyPlastic Pail Mould Manufacturers. Bucket mold seems easy to make, while need to pay attention on the details. Micon Mould spent many time and energy on bucket, tub, pail, barrel projects. Having through so many years of development, here some tips for share:

1. In order to improve the mold life and product quality, we increase the mould steel hardness through heat treatment. The steels we commonly use are H13(48-52HRC), 2316(45-50HRC) prevent mold eccentric, we use whole piece of steel to make the bucket. The cooling system is very important. We adopt single loop cooling way and setup even distribution water channels as much as possible. To enhance the cooling effect, BeCu can be inserted on the core and cavity, see pictures as below:

2. Our bucket molds use air assistance,stripper plate and centre ejector for demolding (release in two steps).In order to increase cooling performance, there also have water channels in the centre.

3. All small sliders will be nitrided to increase the hardness.

4. It is important to keep maintenance for the molds. We should check and make sure the the water channels and air circuit unlocked. Add lubricant oil for the siliders, regularly clean the stripper plate and centre ejector.

That is one of the few, want to know more. To be continued.