How to Make a Motorcycle Backrest Mold?


A motorcycle backrest can be manufactured using a injec […]

A motorcycle backrest can be manufactured using a injection crate mold. The mold may be designed to incorporate the desired contours of the part. The assembly can be finished with a cover plate that is mounted over rivets to provide a finished appearance. The cover plate can be a synthetic resin or a material that is suited for the purpose.
The motorcycle backrest can be assembled with a molded foam cushion. A base plate is formed to accommodate the cushion. The base plate is formed to contain a large circular opening. The resin and reinforcing materials are cured simultaneously. The resin is a polyurethane or polyester. The reinforcing material is fibertech and creates a chemical bond between the foam and the base material.
The seatback structure is then removed from the plastic crate mold. A second deposit of resin formulation is introduced into the cavity over the upper end of the frame member. The first deposit is partially cured. The resin and reinforcing material is cured along with the form cushioning material. A flexible cover is formed about the cushion layer. The cushion is then placed on the frame. The cover is then fastened to the frame with rivets.
The backrest can be inserted into the pod. The backrest is positioned at the forward end of the passenger seat portion. It can be secured in place by bolts or adhesives. In the event of an impact, the passenger portion should pivot forward to reduce the likelihood of injury. It can also be locked in position by a locking screw 54.
The backrest pod includes an outwardly extending flange. It is attached to the saddle member of the motorcycle and secured to the platform member. The backrest can be bolted to the saddle member, or the base plate can be adhesively engaged to the saddle member. The backrest can be pivoted to adjust the angle of the passenger seat.

Plastic Collapsible Crate Mould
Mould name : Plastic Collapsible crate mould
Material of production : PP
Mould cavity : 1+2+2 family cavities
Mould material : 1.2344 , BECU insert
Mould life : > 2 million