How to make an insert molding mold?


China mould metal and plastic are inserted together int […]

China mould metal and plastic are inserted together into a molded part, or multiple metals or materials are molded together into a single molded part. We call it metal insert molding.
Metal insert molding is commonly used in industries such as automobiles, cooking appliances, household appliances, instruments, equipment, knobs, electronic components, etc. Insert molding not only reduces assembly and labor costs, but is better than assembly, reduces size and component weight, improves part reliability, improves part strength and structure, and enhances design flexibility.
The process is the same as the injection molding process and uses the same injection molding machine to inject the molten raw material into the plastic mold - then the plastic solidifies through a cooling system - then the press opens and the molded part is ejected, the difference is that before the mold closes, we need to put the metal into the mold and start all injection molding processes,
Insert molding uses the same materials as the injection molding process, except that metal is added to the mold before the mold is closed. For using the same thermoplastic. The same mold steel, the same mold structure, the same injection molding machine, sometimes it may be necessary to use a vertical injection molding machine for some special cases.
Some injection molding manufacturers use vertical/vertical injection molding machines that use gravity to aid the insert molding process by holding the insert in place during mold closure. Insert into place during mold closure.