How to make sure the chair mold has no flash?


How to ensure that there are no flash burrs on the edge […]

How to ensure that there are no flash burrs on the edge of the parting line of the  chair mould. The parting line of the chair mold is very important. How to control the edge without thorn flash, then the first design is very important. Whether the mold wall thickness of the core cavity is sufficient. Secondly, for the core cavity, the processing of the mold is very important. Some enterprises are processed once, some are processed twice, and under normal circumstances, we need to process three times. From the roughing of the steel to the quenching and tempering nitriding, we will carry out the numerical control of the second program. The previous general stage is called semi-finishing. Under normal circumstances, we will reserve a machining allowance for this stage of processing, and we will carry out finishing after the steel stress is fully released.
The mold mainly includes variable cavity concave mold plate, concave mold assembly and concave mold combination plate, variable cavity concave mold composed of punch combination plate, punch assembly, punch combination plate, cavity cutting assembly and side cutting combination A variable core punch composed of plates. Coordinated changes in mold convex, concave and auxiliary forming systems. A range of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes can be processed. Moreover, the classification of molds is also distinguished according to different processing technologies. Today, I will briefly talk about them, such as extrusion process, injection molding process, etc.
If the application, such as injection molding process, can only be fixed products of a certain shape, such as mobile phone cases, bowls, computer cases, etc. The extrusion process is continuous extrusion production within the cross-sectional shape range, which can be infinitely long, such as pipes, profiles, sheets, plates, etc.