How to produce plastic chairs?


As a common household product, how are plastic chairs p […]

As a common household product, how are plastic chairs produced? Here are the steps to make a plastic chair through a mold:
1. Design the chair mold. Chennuo's design team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs and communicate with you. Determine the geometry, size and appearance of the plastic chair. Build a model of a plastic chair mold.
2. Make chair moulds. Chennuo mold manufacturing team will use advanced equipment and technology to produce chair molds for you. We will select the right injection molding machine to create an efficient plastic chair molding line.
3. Close the mold, set the pressure, and start producing the plastic chair.
4. Inject. The injection speed is controlled by adjusting the injection pressure. You need to control the injection process for a certain period of time.
5. Maintain proper pressure and temperature so that the plastic chair can form better in the mold.
6. Cool and demold.
Chennuo is a professional chair mould manufacturer, providing various plastic chair moulds, such as rattan chair moulds, outdoor chair moulds and foldable chair moulds, etc. In addition, Chennuo Mould also produces gas-assisted chair moulds.