What are the advantages of thin-walled molds?


A thin wall mold is a specialized type of conventional […]

A thin wall mold is a specialized type of conventional injection molding. It is used to produce plastic parts in large quantities. Its main advantages include reduced material costs and shorter cycle times. This in turn leads to higher productivity and lower cost per part.
The process is ideal for making large-scale plastic parts because it uses molten material that is injected through tiny holes. It is also great for mass production because it does not produce a lot of waste, as other types of manufacturing methods do. The moulds can be made with consistent shapes and sizes. These factors make thin wall moulding an excellent choice for large-scale production runs.
Another advantage of thin wall molds is their strength. These molds are well-built, durable, and designed with professional structure in mind. In addition, they are easy to install and maintain. Therefore, these molds are ideal for businesses that need high output per capita. A well-built clamp unit is also essential for a smooth and efficient production process.
If you're considering using thin wall molding to create your parts, be sure to hire a professional molder. They can meet all your requirements and deliver the parts on time. Furthermore, a thin wall mold can help you save money on material costs and improve productivity. However, you must choose a mold carefully as small flaws will impact the quality.
The ratio between the thickness and flow length of a mold should be greater than 150. Moreover, the projection area should be at least 50cm2. Flow length is the distance between the melt entering the mold and filling the mold cavity. Flow length to thickness ratios vary between different plastics. The ratio between thickness and flow length is higher for thinner plastics than for thicker ones.

PLASTIC plastic lunch box injection molding
The advantage of ISM Mould is as follows :
* stronger and more stable design of moulds because of higher pressure and forces
* equal ejection with air valve support
* mould life :> 3,000,000
* excellent cooling system