What is a barrel mold?


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ISM Design & Mould Co.,Ltd is one reliable and professional high quality custom plastic mould manufacturer , which is specialized in designing , manufacturing and produce a variety of plastic injection moulds and plastic products to international customers .
Thanks to our expertise in this field, we offer our customers a wide range of barrel mould manufacturing and design. Moulds are usually manufactured using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, and are available in different designs, shapes and sizes according to customers' specific requirements.
Paint bucket mould, we made moulds with handles from 50ml to 20L, such as 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 1 gallon, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L and so on. The barrel and the lid are generally hot runners, and the handle mold can be a cold runner, which saves costs. Among them, the hot runner can be a Chinese brand or an international brand, such as yudo. For the barrel lid mold, we will put the injection gate on the inside to make the surface smoother and facilitate the filming.
The barrel and lid can be 1 out of 1, and the handle can be 1 out of 4. For barrels smaller than 1 gallon, the body can be 2 chambers and the lid can be 4 chambers.
Die steel, P20, 718, H13 and 2344 are widely used. Different requirements, different steel.
We support different tests based on different project requirements, basic paint bucket tests include:
Stacking: 5 barrels can be stacked without deformation and breakage. Conical barrels are easy to stack and remove, and the height should be based on the design requirements.
Weight: Total weight within tolerance
Anti-leakage: Turn the bucket upside down for 24 hours to check for leaks