What is IML container mold?


IML (in-mold labeling) container mould refers to a type […]

IML (in-mold labeling) container mould refers to a type of mould used to manufacture containers with in-mold labels (IMLs) already applied to them. IML is a process in which a pre-printed label is inserted into a mould, and then the plastic material is injected into the mould, where it forms around the label, bonding it to the container.
IML container moulds are used in the manufacturing of a wide range of containers, such as food and beverage containers, cosmetics and personal care containers, and household chemical containers. The process allows for high-quality, durable, and cost-effective labeling, as well as a tamper-evident and a more attractive packaging design.
IML container moulds are typically made of steel or aluminum and are created using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies. They can be designed to produce a wide range of container sizes and shapes, and can also be customized to meet specific project requirements.
The IML process is a complex and precise process, that requires specialized equipment and expertise. It's important to work with experienced and reputable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure proper functionality and longevity of the IML container moulds, as well as to ensure that the end product meet the safety and quality standards.

PLASTIC 500ml Pail Container Mould
2 cavities 500ml Pail Container Mould
ISM 500ml Pail Container Mould Advantages :
can be labeled in mold (IML)
sealed to prevent water leakage
pass the anti-fall test

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