Make some prototype with CNC machining


A few tips before going to manufacturing: 1./ Make some […]

A few tips before going to manufacturing:

1./ Make some prototype with CNC machining, not 3D printing because most of time 3D printing doesn’t use the material you will use later. So for your test and appearance it doesn’t make it right. With CNC you can use a very close material  mold manufacturer to the reality regarding what will be molded later. The painting and polishing can help you to obtain a clean surface close to what you would like to get

2./ Specify material to your supplier with the highest accuracy: material, brand, reference and grade if any

3./ Supply a reference sample to your manufacturer, this is what will best define your liking

4./ Don’t go on production straight away, make a small trial run first

5./ Make sure your 3D model respect best practices for injection molding such as having draft angle etc….

6./ Verify your part is moldable and can be extracted from tooling

7./ Perform Design For Manufacturing on your part to optimize the design

I hope it helps.

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