Strategies to improve the efficiency of plastic mold design


In order to improve the design effect of plastic molds, […]

In order to improve the design effect of plastic molds, designers need to innovate and change design methods. Consider the factors that affect the design effect from multiple dimensions, continue to analyze, think and explore the problems that often occur in plastic mold design, and propose scientific and reasonable plastic mold design strategies to prevent low results, so as to improve the design effect of plastic molds and ensure plastic molds The quality lays a solid foundation, so as to provide qualified and high-quality plastic molds for related companies that produce molds.
The collection of materials should be completed before design. Before designing and manufacturing plastic molds, designers need to do a good job of data collection in the pre-design period in order to learn more about the data and information related to plastic molds. For example, the precautions in the design process, the size of the mold cavity, the operation methods and skills of the injection molding machine, and the factors that affect the design of the plastic mold will all cause the impact on the plastic molding. Designers should carefully, comprehensively and multi-directionally consider the above factors, avoid design problems, and improve the design efficiency of plastic molds by reducing errors.

Tolerance marking should be selected according to the actual situation, Wuhan plastic mold may be affected by tolerance marking. Different tolerance marks have different effects on plastic molds. Plastic molds have high precision, so tolerance marking standards are high. In order to meet the actual needs of customers, although the manufacturing process has increased the difficulty to a certain extent, it is necessary to ensure the size of the plastic mold. Plastic molds have low precision and low tolerance marking standards, so the designed plastic mold size should be guaranteed to be within the tolerance range. In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient and shrinkage rate in all directions should be considered, and the design plan should be selected according to the difference of plastic mold materials to ensure the quality and accuracy of the mold and improve the design efficiency.

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