Synthetic fiber is something made from plastic


Synthetic fiber is something made from plastic. Think o […]

Synthetic fiber is something made from plastic. Think of plastic as the raw material and the fiber as a product made from the raw material.

Because the raw material used to make the fiber is a plastic we can call the fiber a synthetic fiber, (sometimes also referred to as manmade). As opposed to a ‘natural’ fiber like wool or cotton.

Examples of typical plastics used to make fiber are;

polyester (PET), a very typical application for PET fiber is insulationPlastic Pet Molds Manufacturers and comforter/duvet infill, it is the same plastic that soda bottles are made from,

nylon (PA), famously the fiber for stockings is also used to mould cable ties.

polypropylene (PP), many thousands of tonnes/lbs of PP carpet are made each year. And nearly every car bumper/fender is made of PP.

The easiest way to tell if something is synthetic is toChina Plastic Pet Molds Manufacturers look at the label. You may find the textile is a mix of synthetic and ‘natural’ fibres, so wool and nylon for instance or cotton and acrylic.

With experience you will be able to tell, just by the look and feel, if a fabric has a synthetic content.