Typically, thin wall is considered as plastics


Typically, "thin wall” is considered as plastics parts […]

Typically, "thin wall” is considered as plastics parts or plastic packaging with a wall thickness less than 0.6 mm. Thin wall container is very popular in market all over the world.

Thin wall injection molding needs molding speeds, so it requires a very good cooling system and high hardness in order to ensure the short cycle and the mold life. In China, Micon Mould has rich experience in thin wall mold making.

As for the thin wall mould, we always use high speed China Plastic Thin Wall Mold Manufacturers milling machine and some other high precision tooling machine to tool it, the dimension tolerance should be controlled within 0.05mm. And there will have many inserts so as to maintain the molds.

Regarding the ejection system for thin wall container mould, we usually use air to blow off the cavity. It requires the parts demolding quickly and then use air ejection or air with stripper plate assistance.

Cooling system is very important to such thin wall mould. Forplastic ism mould  such molding speeds,we should add water channel as more as possible, strengthen the water circulation. Usually we use chilled water. So our mould steels are stainless steel.

Besides, we always adapt with BeCu to help the mould cooling, because BeCu has good thermal conductivity.
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