What are the advantages of daily necessities molds?


The development of molds is very rapid, and it has rapi […]

The development of molds is very rapid, and it has rapidly spread to various industrial sectors such as electronics, automobiles, medical care, daily necessities, toys, packaging, construction and office equipment. Among them, the daily necessities molds have a relatively late development starting point, but they have developed quite well recently. In today's world Various developed countries and regions have been widely used.Because there is no cooling time limit of the runner system, the part can be ejected in time after it is formed and solidified.


Many thin-walled molds produced with hot runner molds can have a molding cycle of less than 5 seconds.There is no cold runner in the pure hot runner mold, so there is no production cost, which is especially significant for applications where plastics are expensive.In fact, the major hot runner manufacturers in the world have developed rapidly in the world when oil and plastic raw materials were expensive, because this technology has played a great role in many fields, not only in On this piece of daily necessities mold.


The finished product is the finished product after being formed by the hot runner mold, and there is no need to trim the gate and recycle and process the cold runner. Conducive to production automation. Many foreign product manufacturers have combined hot runner and automation to greatly improve production efficiency.At this stage, daily necessities molds have been widely used in the industrial field, and the market demand is huge.


With the development of new mold manufacturer technologies, the invention of multi-color co-injection and multi-material co-injection processes, the development of daily necessities mold industry is worth looking forward to!At the same time, many daily necessities mold companies have also entered the Internet, using various channels to the greatest extent to display products, promote corporate brands and open online sales, etc., in order to increase the scale of enterprise development.