What are the criteria for choosing a plastic mold factory?


When most companies are developing a brand new product, […]

When most companies are developing a brand new product, they are preparing more small-scale things in batches, putting them into the market for a comprehensive response, and then deciding whether they want to produce such small-scale products. For large-scale production, if you choose to process plastic mold factories, you will find that these mold factories basically have their own selection methods when they choose. Most of the customers are basically in the process of choosing these mold factories. I don't know how to choose, but there are still many ways and methods here.

Method 1: Consider the nature of the plastic moldChina Plastic Moulds Suppliers factory

Judging from the current situation, most plastic mold factories have their own characteristics, and each type of mold factory has its own advantages, whether it is a foreign-funded enterprise, a Hong Kong-funded enterprise or a domestic private mold. Factory can be selected. Generally speaking, the management of foreign-funded enterprises is very standardized, and they have a strong sense of service, and these two services are also guaranteed. From the perspective of the marketing cost of the entire management, their expenses are not It is not particularly low, but if you are concerned about the quality of the product, then it is recommended that you choose a mold factory of a foreign-funded enterprise, because the mold factory of a large-scale foreign-funded enterprise has some fixed foreign customers, and rarely faces domestic customers. They can basically guarantee the quality when facing these customers' picky orders, and they can better integrate their products with international standards. In this way, domestic companies will also be unable to bear the prices of these foreign manufacturers.

Shenzhen Xubang Brand Mold Factory is controlled by the Hong Kong Group Holding Company. It also has its own processing methods in product development and design and precision plastic processing. It is a professional high-tech high-tech enterprise with one-stop service. And the products produced by the company are exported to Europe, America and other countries in large quantities.

Method 2: Find a large-scale processing plastic mold factory

It is recommended that when choosing a plastic mold factory, it is best to understand it according to everyone's choice. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you still choose some large-scale processing plastic mold factory. From the perspective of the scale of a single factory Everyone may also give priority to choosing relatively large-scale products, because if relatively large-scale manufacturers, they are also very strong, and the supporting facilities are very complete, the size of the scale will also reflect that they are customers to some extent. The degree of selection, from another aspect, the larger the scale, it means that their management costs will be higher, and the price advantage will not be particularly obvious, but especially for some large foreign mold factories, their The price itself is also unacceptable. If the cost of the quotation to the customer is exceeded, you may not choose these mold factories to cooperate with customers. If the economic strength of the company itself is not particularly strong, the purchase volume is not particularly large. , If you blindly choose to cooperate with major customers, sometimes the time spent may basically not be taken seriously by others. At present, when choosing some large-scale processing plastic mold factories, you must Hold a good attitude.

Method 3: Effectively reduce procurement costs

While selecting the plastic mold factory, first of all, it is necessary to effectively reduce the cost of procurement. You can ask the market staff to find out what the order volume of the internal products is. The reason why the Shenzhen Xubang brand can be so large is able to be in line with international standards. , Because their product quality is guaranteed, their order quantity will definitely reach a certain quantity.