What are the main steps of injection mold trial


In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and mass pr […]

In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and mass production, we really need the patience to adjust and control various process conditions, find out the best conditions for temperature and pressure, test injection mold standards in the process, and establish daily work Available methods. The main steps of injection mold test are as follows:
1. Check whether the plastic material in the barrel is correct, and bake as required.
2. The material pipe should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent bad glue or mixture from entering the mold because bad glue and mixture will block the mold. Check the temperature of the material tube and mold to see if it is suitable for the raw material.
3. Adjust the pressure and injection in order to produce a satisfactory product appearance, but cannot run the flash, especially the cavity, and some finished products are not completely frozen. Various control conditions should be considered. Before adjustment, because the mold filling rate is a little changed, it will cause a huge change.
4. It may take more than 30 minutes to wait patiently for the machine and mold to stabilize, even for medium-sized machines. Use this time to see what might go wrong with the final product.
5. The advancing time of the screw must not be less than the solidification time of the plastic on the gate, otherwise, it will reduce the weight of the finished product and destroy the performance of the finished product. When the mold is heated, the advance time of the screw is extended and the finished product is compressed.
6. Reasonably adjust and reduce the entire processing cycle.
7. The new stable state needs at least 30 minutes, and then at least 12 products with complete shapes are continuously produced, at the most dates, quantities, and individual positions, according to the cavity, the stability of the inspection operation and the reasonable control of the export tolerance.
8. Measure and record the important dimensions of continuous samples (after cooling to room temperature).