What are the technical difficulties of injection molding shell?


At present, plastic injection molding products account […]

At present, plastic injection molding products account for about 30%-40% of the entire plastic products market. Its high-efficiency and high-quality molding methods are loved by many companies! In addition, the precision of the plastic products produced is higher than that of other molding methods, and the injection molded shell is an important branch of the entire injection molded product.PVC Metal Insert Plastic Injection Molding
   The shells of many common items in our lives are almost made of various plastics, such as mobile phone shells, refrigerator shells, computer shells, air conditioner shells, etc.! They are all produced by injection molding methods. The outer shell of the product is also the first link for consumers to come into contact with the product, regardless of the product's performance? How beautiful is it? How about the workmanship? If the quality of the product shell is not up to standard, it will leave a bad impression on consumers, directly related to whether the product can be sold successfully, so major manufacturers have very strict requirements on the quality of the product shell, then we What are the common processes that should be paid attention to in the production of injection molding shells?
  The dimensional tolerance of the injection molded shell, if the size is too different from the size of the product itself, that is, the gap is large, it is easy for consumers to find out and leave the impression of inferior products. Second: The surface finish of the injection molded casing. When consumers touch the casing, they must leave a comfortable feeling. The finish is closely related to the design of the injection mold and the raw materials of the injection molding. Third: The spray paint of the injection molded shell must be uniform, and the odor must be eliminated in time. Fourth: The strength of the injection-molded shell must be durable. Products like ordinary electrical appliances will take at least several decades. During this period, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps. Therefore, the injection-molded shell must have a certain impact, etc.! As long as we pay attention to these process problems when producing injection-molded shells, it is easy to produce qualified products.