What Is Metal Injection Moulding Process?


The manufacturing industry is using metal injection mou […]

The manufacturing industry is using metal injection moulding as one of its common processes. This involves combining the functions of plastic injection moulding with the strong points of pressed and manufactured, small yet complex metal parts. The process is also a hybrid between the plastic moulding and powder metallurgy. Plastic binders and powdered fine metals are
Plastic Injection Moulds Manufacturers injected to a plastic moulding machine. The binders are taken out of the equation through thermal and solvent processes. The metal particles remain bound though they are not melted. The powder is turned into a compact material through forging, extrusion, hot and cold isostatic pressing, rolling, pressure less compaction, and injection moulding.

Once the powder turns compact, it can be formed into various complex shapes. These metal powders can be used to develop a feedstock if combined with binders.

Process for MIM

MIM involves five steps in its process.

1. Mixing. This involves mixing the metallic powders with a binding agent. The metallic powders are chosen based on their strengths; wear resistance properties, impact strength, hardness, temperature properties, machinability and other inherent properties.Injection mould Mixing is necessary to make sure that the weaknesses of metals will be compensated by the strengths and benefits of the resulting mixture. The feedstock is developed and is injected to the moulds. At this stage, the mixture will show a green part.

2. Debinding. The green part created in the previous stage is immersed into the water to remove the binder.

3. Cross-linking. The binder removed from the process is put under the ultraviolet light. To do this, MIM only uses thermoses metal powders.

4. Sintering. The debound part is heated in the furnace up to more than 2000 degrees-Fahrenheit. After this stage, the metal parts are already in compact form.

5. Finishing. All the imperfections on the surface are removed.