What is mold design and manufacturing?


Industrial design is a foreign term that is translated […]

Industrial design is a foreign term that is translated literally by English Industrial Design. In China, it was called industrial art design, product design, product design and so on. In recent years, it has been called "industrial design".
In 1980, the International Federation of Industrial Design Associations defined industrial design as: for mass-produced industrial products, with training, technology, experience and visual experience, giving products with materials, structures, shapes, colors, surface finishes and decorations. New quality and performance. When industrial designers are required to work on packaging, publicity, market development, etc., and pay their own technical knowledge and experience, they also belong to the category of industrial design. The core of industrial design is product design.China Bucket Mould Manufacturers
Industrial products produced in batches, whether in daily life or in production, belong to the category of industrial design. Such as: daily-use ceramics, glassware, stationery, furniture; all kinds of household appliances; machine tools, medical equipment, computers; bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, planes, ships; buildings and their interior and exterior decoration.
Industrial design is an inevitable outcome of industrial modernization and market competition. Its design object is mass-produced products by industrial methods. Industrial design has a huge impact on modern human life, and at the same time it is subject to the realistic level of production and life.
The industrial design process can be divided into several stages of collecting and selecting information, selecting product goals, conceiving product images, developing research and development plans, and product specific design. Industrial design involves not only a series of traditional disciplines, such as material mechanics, structural mechanics, strength theory, but also many emerging disciplines such as ergonomics, value engineering, bionics, and design aesthetics. Computer-aided design (CAD) has become the most important means of modern industrial design.
Industrial design should pay attention to the following principles: the principle of creativity; the principle of market demand; the principle of user priority; the principle of enterprise goal; the principle of easy to grasp; the principle of aesthetics; the principle of protecting ecological environment.
The industrial designers of the developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany are not only numerous but also high in level. The design theory and design methods are among the world's advanced levels, and their industrial development has benefited from this.
The countermeasures for industrial design at the present stage in China are: on the one hand, for those large-scale production enterprises that already have advanced machinery and equipment, mechanization and high degree of automation, adopt advanced design theories and design methods as much as possible to develop their products. On the other hand, for those small enterprises and township enterprises whose technology and equipment are relatively backward, and the proportion of manual labor is large, the conventional design and technology transfer are strengthened, and the products have obtained a certain degree of technological progress. This is not only in line with China's current development level, but also meets different levels of consumer demand.
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Mold design and manufacturing
The question asked is too big! First you have to know what a mold is! I don't talk much here, check it out yourself!
Mold design is to design the mold. To put it bluntly, it is to design some iron blocks with specified shape and precision.
Mold making is how to machine a square iron block into an iron block of the shape you need. The required processes are car, milling, grinding, drilling, wire cutting, electric spark, CNC, etc., heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.