What is the relationship between industrial design and mold design and manufacturing?


Industrial design is a big range. Mold design and manuf […]

Industrial design is a big range.
Mold design and manufacturing are only a dao industryIndustrial Moulds Suppliers in the Department of Mechatronics. Industrial design may not necessarily be mold design, but mold design generally requires a little bit of industrial design.
The so-called relationship is actually scope coverage. Industrial design covers mold design, in terms of product design.
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Industrial design (English: Industrial Design abbreviation: ID design) refers to the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics, and economics.


Industrial design is divided into four categories: product design, environmental design, communication design, and design management; including modeling design, mechanical design, circuit design, clothing design, environmental planning, interior design, architectural design, UI design, graphic design, packaging design, and advertising Design, animation design, display design, website design, etc. Industrial design is also called industrial product design. Industrial design involves psychology, sociology, aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanical structure, photography, color science, etc. Industrial design brought about by industrial development and division of labor is obviously different from other arts, production activities, crafts, etc. It is a cross product of various disciplines, technologies and aesthetic concepts.
Mold design and manufacturing refers to master the basic professional knowledge of mold design and manufacturing, have strong practical working ability, and be able to engage in mold design, process design, mold manufacturing, mold maintenance, quality management, etc. in the first line of production, adapt to mechanical molds High-quality skilled professionals with good professional ethics and innovative spirit that are required by the front line of industry production, management and service