what is thin wall mold


Thin wall mold structure, also called shell structure. […]

Thin wall mold structure, also called shell structure. Its thickness is much smaller than other dimensions (such as span) only 0.4-0.8mm, so it is called thin wall. It belongs to the space-stressed structure and mainly bears the axial pressurethin wall mold in the curved surface, and the bending moment is small. Its force is reasonable and the material strength can be fully utilized. Thin shells are often used in large-span roof structures such as exhibition halls, clubs, hangars, etc.

       Because of its thin wall thickness, light weight, high output and short turnover period, the thin-walled mold has very high requirements on mold making, the mold-locking structure should be reasonable, the concentricity of the product should be high, the eccentricity should not be misplaced, and the waterway design should be reasonable. This way

Can reduce the molding cycle, the output can reach 5 seconds per mold, a cavity of 4 cavities, the draft angle should be reasonable, to prevent ejection deformation and sticking mold, these Sino moulds] l87-674lO-860 Luo [doing very good . The mold clamping structure is also much more complicated than the ordinary mold. The picture is a thin-walled cup mold.