What should be paid attention to when processing children's toy molds?


Generally, in the Garbage bin mould production of child […]

Generally, in the Garbage bin mould production of children's toys, in order to achieve the effect of integral molding, special molds are used for production. Therefore, in the processing of children's toy molds, the technicians of Hongmei Molding mold processing believe that a lot of molds are needed. Matters need to be paid attention to, so as to ensure that the produced children's toys have better quality and effects.


When processing children's toy molds, the first thing we should pay attention to is the design of molds, which should be paid special attention. A detail that ensures that the design is as few mistakes as possible before trying out the mold. In fact, the molding process required by different molds or the models of injection molding machines used for production are also different. If you make a mistake in this aspect, even if your design is perfect, the mold that appears later may not be as good as your ideal, so the selection of process and injection molding machine in this aspect is also very critical.


If you choose wrong in these areas, you can also suffer a lot of failure for everyone. When processing children's toy molds, it is very important that we must take into account the physical properties of the materials, because materials with different physical properties will bring about the effects during production and after production, which will appear later.


The effect of the product will have different effects, which is mainly caused by the shrinkage rate of the material. Therefore, in the design and production of the mold, we must pay attention to the mastery of the physical properties of the material to ensure subsequent production. The children's toys that come out meet the production requirements in terms of size, precision, thickness.