What should I do when an injection mold product bursts?


The burst of injection mold products is a quality probl […]

The burst of injection mold products is a quality problem that often occurs in injection molding factories. This quality problem is very serious, and it is mainly caused by the way it is formed. When the black material breaks, customers usually wonder whether there is too much nozzle material. Because the filling material is the cause of cracking.
It may burst with one tap. This position is mainly the bonding line, that is, the injection mold processing plant did not design it in an appropriate position when designing the bonding point, but formed a bump on the top of the weld. This also depends on where the outside is thinner. Especially in the production of ABS materials, it is easy to break. An experienced design engineer will first check the glue entry point, and then drive the injection mold weld to a position where it will not break.
The injection moldingChina Plastic Pallet Moulds Suppliers staff of the injection molding processing plant left their jobs for more than 20 minutes. When they returned to work, they did not throw away the waste rubber that had been in the bucket for too long, which caused the rubber to deteriorate. If it is directly produced, it will also cause a burst. In this case, it is more difficult to analyze the quality.
The raw material of the injection mold has too much plastic volatiles, too much humidity, too much impurities, too much recycled materials, and contaminated injection molds may also break.
Solution: 1. Clean the nozzle to prevent the flow direction, and the gate may be blocked; 2. Add in strict accordance with the ratio of the nozzle material; 3. Drive the weld to a position where it will not break; 4. In the middle of the pause, after the pause, the previous waste is removed, and then a new injection mold is produced. 5. Screen waste, impurities, etc.