Why choose to use plastic fruit baskets


In general, plastic fruit baskets are much more expensi […]

In general, plastic fruit baskets are much more expensive than cartons or wooden boxes, but in the market, plastic fruit baskets are more popular because of the high reuse rate of plastic baskets and the plastic can be recycled.
1. Types of plastic fruit baskets
There are usually two types of fruit baskets: stacked and folded. Because the difference in space occupation has an impact on the transportation cost, especially when the empty container is transported, this is the primary factor to consider. In addition, folding fruit baskets are more expensive than stacked fruit baskets, which means that consumers have different ideas about affordable prices.
2. The raw materials of plastic fruit baskets
There are two types of plastics: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). Both can be improved by additives, such as antioxidants to extend life and UV protectors for sun protection. Generally, plastic fruit baskets require the use of food-grade plastic raw materials.
3. Molding point of plastic fruit basket
The fruit basket made must meet the customer's requirements. Generally, the basic points of a good plastic fruit basket are:
-Smooth inner surface
The main reason is to prevent the fruit basket from stabs the fruit when loading the fruit. This is the key factor.
-Degree of firmness
Even in the case of poor transportation conditions, the fruit can be better protected. In this way, the fruits of your customers will not be damaged during storage or transportation.
-High load capacity
In order not to damage the fruit, if two frames are the same, your customers will definitely prefer the one that carries more fruits.
-Lighter weight
When your fruit basket meets the above characteristics, if the basket is lighter, it will allow you or your customers to reduce costs.