Why does the TV adopt a plastic mold shell?


ABS plastic is generally used for the TV housing. The m […]

ABS plastic is generally used for the TV housing. The material used for the shell and base of the CRT TV is high-fluidity ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) through injection moldingplastic crate mold manufacture. For example, Chi Mei's 757, etc.; or add PP or PC. Many of the materials of the LCD TV shell are said to be matte piano paint screens, and most of them are made of ABS+HIPS. Why not use a tall metal shell and ABS plastic shell instead?

1. Cost reasons: The main reason for the use of plastic in the TV casing is due to cost considerations. The cost of plastic casing is lower than other metal materials (such as aluminum alloy). Therefore, general TV manufacturers will choose to use plastic. To make the casing of the TV. But it's not just because of saving money.
2. Heat dissipation problem: Generally speaking, non-metallic shells are made of ABS/PC plastic materials, which have the characteristics of low ignition point and high temperature resistance. Even if the inside of the TV is high for a long time, the shell is not easy to melt or burn. Daily use is very helpful.
3. Signal problem: Most of the new TVs nowadays are smart TVs, and most smart TVs support WIFI reception. If the all-metal back shell is used, WIFI will be charged. The reason is that metal produces an effect called "electrostatic shielding". It is the shell of the conductor that "protects" its interior, so that its interior is not affected by the external electric field. This phenomenon is called electrostatic shielding. Therefore, in order to ensure the strength of the wifi signal, almost all smart TVs are made of plastic.