Yours is a supply of service and as per best


Yours is a supply of service and as per best of my judg […]

Yours is a supply of service and as per best of my judgement it falls under the SAC code 9987 ‘Maintenance, repair, installation (except construction services)’.

The said service falls under 18% tax rate.

If the supplier is making inter state supply of service, he’s supposed to charge I-GST at the rate of 18% upon the value of service. On the other hand if he’s making intra-state supply of services, he has to charge C-GST at the rate of 9% and S-GST at the rate of 9%.

Whether or not he is supposed to declare SAC code China plastic moulds Suppliers of service rendered depends upon the value of service he has rendered during the previous Financial Year. He’s required to mention SAC code in invoice only if he rendered services amounting to Rs. 1.5 cr or more during previous FY.

As for the purchase order, you arent supposed to quote SAC for the services received, as it is supplier’s obligation to quote SAC no and not yours.

You can prepare purchase order like you wereChina Plastic Chair Moulds Suppliers preparing prior to GST, the purchase order should be of value of service decided between you and your supplier.

You can give a note in purchase order that supplier should charge GST at the applicable rates on the value of services.

Hope your query is resolved now.