Vegetable Fruit Transportation Crate Container Mould of Plastic Injection Mould

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Vegetable Fruit Transportation Crate Container Mould of Plastic Injection Mould

Good mould design is the first step,PRC mould has 3 designers with more than 15 years experience.

1:We will analyze the feasibility,shrinkage and molding temperature of plastic products.

2 :We will communicate with customers,including details such as weight,style design,size and appearance,stability and wear resistance of plastic products.

3:Design and mold flow analysis are provided free of charge.

Injection Mould Name Plastic crate mould
Mould Core and Cavity Metal P20
Injection Machine Size 800tons
Demould Type Automatic 
Metal Hardness  HRC 28-32
Mould Base Self-Made LKM DME
Mould Runner  Cold Runner &Hot Runner
Cavity Number 1 Cavity 
Cycle Time 50 Seconds
Tooling Lead Time 50 Days
Mould Life 30-300 million shots/ 5-6years.Even in 10 years in good condition.
Mould Surface Treatment EDM,Texture Mirror Polishing
The main mould metal material and hardness for your reference,You can choose it for your injection mould.
Steel Model S50c P20 718H 2738H H13 2344 S136
Hardness(HRC) 17-22 28-32 33-38 36-40 48-50 48-52 48-52

    ISM Plastic Crate molds Mould Pros:
  • Vented Crate Mould( with airflow for perishable goods)
  • Euro Crate Mould( Conforming to Euro Container Standards)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Crate Mould
  • Multi-Cavity Crate Mould
  • High- Speed Crate Mould
  • Industrial Crate Mould
  • Bottle Crate Mould
  • If you have any new plastic crate mould projects,welcome to contact us.
Crate molds can be divided into different categories according to their materials, shapes, patterns, application and conditions of use: According to different product materials, it can be divided into PE crate mold, PP crate mold, etc.; According to different product shapes, it can be divided into Hollow crate mold, Disposable crate mold, Foldable crate mold, etc.; According to different product patterns, it can be divided into Glossy crate mold, Leather crate mold, Frosted crate mold, etc.; According to different application, it can be divided into Fruit crate mold, Vegetable crate molds, Seafood crate mould, etc.; According to different usage scenarios, it can be divided into Agricultural crate mold, Industrial crate mold, Turnover box mould, etc. ISM Mold focuses on the manufacture and development of crate molds, and pays attention to the selection and location of crate mold steel, cooling system, parting line, wall thickness, venting, etc. welcome to contact us for more detail.

C: Mould Machine Tooling  

Vegetable Fruit Transportation Crate Container Mould of Plastic Injection Molds.

After the mould drawing is confirmed,start production.

Including mold steel preparation, cnc rough machining, deep hole drilling, EDM,drilling machine,high-speed milling,finishing,polishing assembly,mold trial,electroplating,nitriding,etc.

Precisely control the size,and conduct self-inspection for each mould part according to the requirements of drawing size and tolerance limit control.

D : Mould Testing  

The first time test we do on the mold is to check that it moves smoothly and correctly.

After the mold is polished,we will test mould again,compare the test samples with the original design.

Then send the final samples and mold testing video to customers for confirmation.

Vegetable Fruit Transportation Crate Container Mould of Plastic Injection Molds.

E:Shipping Mould Details

1:Before the mold is shipped,we will check whether the opening and closing of the plastic mould is smooth,the water cooling system,the hydraulic oil system and the hot runner system.

2:The cavity and core are cleaned without iron filings and impurities.

3:Blow the waterway clean to prevent long-term sea transportation from rusting.

4: We spray anti-rust agent on the inside of the mold,spray paint on the outside of the mould, and apply anti -rust oil on the thimble.

5:We will put a nameplate on the mold,it shows the mould name,the year of production and mould information,mold weight and size.

6: Mould parts are provided free of charge,(convenient for customers to replace).

Folding Crate Mould Image Crate Mould Image 01 Crate Mould Image 02 Crate Mould Image 03 Crate Mould Image 04 Crate Mould Image 05
Product:Plastic MoldMoldNO:Customized
Brand: ISM Color: Customized
Placeof Orngin: Zhejiang,China Size: Customized
Material: Plastic Packing: Poly Wood Box
Advantage: OEM Is Available Shaping Mold: Plastic Injection Mold
Supply Ability: About 30 Sets Per Month  Use: Household Product
Mold Material: NAK80,S136,H13,718H,P20, etc.
Plastic Material: PP, PC, PS, POM, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA, etc.

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