Coca Cola Bottle Plastic Crate Mould

Coca Cola Bottle Plastic Crate Mould

Good Cocacola crate mold structure design is very important, it is the precondition of aqualified mold manufacture, ISM Mould company technical department have morethan 20 professional mold designers which given advanced design support, theyare mostly more than 5 years of work experience. As we know, the beer crate have many ribs onmolding, so the air venting and cooling system designing is very important! ISM Mould company can offer you the high quality beer bottle crate molds with high speed cycle time based on our very competitive price, our crate mould meet European market demand to supply our worldwide customers.

Usually have two structure for Plastic Crate Mould injection mould, one is latch lock structure, the other one is cylinder structure. More clients like latch lock structure because of the cycle time is shorter than cylinder one. But cylinder running is stably than latch lock crate mould structure.
ISM MOULD is a professional plastic mold factory of molds and injections. It has a professional product design team, a mold flow analysis team, a mold design team and a precision machining team. If you have any new mould technical problems or any new plastic products want to develop, welcome to contact us by whatsapp or mob: 86-13676642643

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