Provide you with a complete collection of Crate Mold and prices for Crate Mould

Provide you with a complete collection of Crate Mold and prices for Crate Mould

We provide high-quality Crate Mould to the world, such as bottle Crate Mould, fruit Crate Mould, bread Crate Mould, Crate molds, foldable Crate box molds, etc. Every customer wants a Crate mould with longer service life and high-speed operation.

Crate Molds We Can Make For You Milk Crate Molds, bread and cake Crate Mold, aquatic product Crate Mould, vegetable Crate Mould, industrial Crate Moulds, bottle Crate Mould, fruit Crate Mold, foldable Crate Mould, Plastic Crate Mould.

Bottle Crate Molds

Our company produces molds for beer bottles and cola bottle Crate boxes, and provides customers with molding solutions for bottle Crate Mould!

The latest Coke box mold design has four sloping tops and four side walls with pierced handles. For this type of Coke box, we can make two out of one, with a molding cycle of up to 35 seconds and fully automatic demoulding.

This type of coke box mold has four side sliders, four inclined tops in the core part, and a slider connecting rod at each corner of the mold cavity. The Coke crate is a popular design that protects glass bottles from vibrations from trucks and the force of collisions between Coke bottles.

Fruit Crate Mould

How to improve the service life of fruit Crate Mould?

Choose the appropriate steel material to produce the formwork and the main parts of the mold. The fruit turnover box mold steel material needs to be H13 steel to make the formwork. The steel material can reach HRC40-44 after tempering. We have developed one out of two, one out of four four turn box molds, which is the first case in China's mold industry. This type of mold is suitable for high-speed injection molding machines, and the molding cycle can reach 42 seconds.

Plastic Crate Mould

A well-known plastic mold manufacturing company that specializes in customizing and producing various high-efficiency, difficult, and high-precision plastic molds. It is not only a professional plastic mold manufacturer, but also an injection mold industry group that provides complete solutions for the plastic molding industry.

foldable Crate Mould

The folding Crate Mould adopts H13 steel material, and the cooling water circuit is optimized. The molding cycle can reach 12s, which improves the production efficiency.

Vegetable Crate Mould

ISM is the world's leading Crate Mould manufacturer, specializing in providing vegetable Crate Mould project services, and providing you with high-speed mold forming solutions!

Milk Crate Mould

Milk crate molding solutions, how to produce high-speed, high-capacity milk crate molds.

In order to have a good plastic filling effect, special hot runner systems must be used. Because, if you need to injection mold a durable turnover box, you must use a low melt index HDPE material, such as a plastic with an index of 4 or 6. Second, make sure the cooling system is at its optimum. To manufacture a durable crate mould, it is necessary to optimize the design of the cooling channels on the largest forming surface of the mould.

For the manufacture of single-use turnover box molds, tempered steel must be used with excellent cooling system design. Choose a high-speed injection molding machine to run the mold, and the rotational speed (RPM) of the injection molding screw must be greater than 350. Most of the crate manufacturers in the world use accelerators to increase the injection speed of the melt.

The design of plastic Crate Mould is also very important. The ejection method of the milk Crate Mould is best designed as mechanical ejection, so that the ejection action can be completed when the mold is opened.

Of course, if the injection molding machine can be equipped with two hydraulic drives to cooperate with the automatic ejection of the machine, the ejection action during mold opening can be smoother. For different types of molds, precision mold processing is required to ensure the accuracy of mold operation. Otherwise, it is impossible for the mold to have high-speed operation performance.

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