HDPE Large Stackable Reversible Plastic Pallet Moulds

HDPE Large Stackable Reversible Plastic Pallet Moulds

Pallet is a good product for economic development, it makes convenient for transportation. 1400x1000x160mm Skid type pallet have many advantages, like using hygienic plastic for raw material, which realize the green and scientific manufacturing for plastic pallet. By the way, our skid pallet owns good structure and beautiful shape, it received good reputation on the market and our customer.

Product Name: Logistics Three Skid Pallet Mould 

Product Size: 1400*1000*160mm

Product Weight: 17KG 

Plastic Material: HDPE,PP

Design Program: NX(UG), Auto CAD, Solid Works

Mould Size: 1800*1650*1060mm

Mould Cavity: Single Cavity 

Mould Steel for Cor/cav: HP20,H718,2738, S136 

Mould Steel for Slider/Insert Block: HP20,H718,2738, S136 

Mould Steel for Basement: S50C, HP20

Injection System: 22 Tips Hot Runner System

Gate Type: Direct Gate Type

Hot Runner System: Chinese Brand, YUDO Brand, 

Cooling System:  Beryllium-Bronze Insert & Water Cooling

Ejection System: Ejection Plate & Pin

Mould Surface Treatment: Texture or High Gloss Polishing

Hydraulic Slider: JUNFAN made in TAIWAN

Mould Spare Part: DME or HASCO Standard

Mould Tooling Tolerance: ±0.1mm

Mould Cycle Time: 120S

Mould Life: 1 Million Shoots 

Mould Guarantee: 1 year 

Mould Deliver Time: 70 Days

pallet mould

1.Samples/Drawing &Requirement from you

2.Mould design:we will Communicate&Exchange the opinion with you after you place order.

3.Material Purchase:Steel cutting and Mould base tooling.


5.Inspection of mould : following and controlling the tooling processing.

6.Mould testing:We will inform you the date.Than will send the sample's inspection report&injection parameters with the sample to


7.Your instruction &confirmation for shipment.

8.Ready made mould before packing.

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