ISM high-end Pallet Mould manufacturing factory

ISM high-end Pallet Mould manufacturing factory

At present, more than 80% of ISM pallet molds are exported to different countries and regions, and have regular customers and good business cooperation in Thailand, Brazil, Italy, the United States, Spain, Iran, Colombia, Australia, Azerbaijan, India, South Korea, Turkey and other countries relation.

3D Design Analysis of Plastic Pallets
After we receive the customer's product design, we will immediately call all relevant technical personnel to analyze its shortcomings and problems that may be encountered in the process of processing. For example, analyze the draft, strength, plastic filling, deformation, wall thickness, skin texture, etc. After these discussions, the mold flow analysis is followed, and if any problems arise, we will immediately contact the customer and provide solutions or suggestions.

Plastic Pallet Mold Design Technical Conference

All relevant personnel will participate in the new mold design technical meeting. At the meeting, we will put forward all technical points, such as: the use of steel materials for mold parts, the basic structure of molds, plastic materials and its melt index, special requirements of customers, parameters of injection molding machines and processing steps of parts, etc.

Inspection of plastic pallet mold steel material
After the design of the tray mold is confirmed by the customer, we start to sample the steel material with high-quality testing instruments to ensure that there are no cracks or impurities. And the steel material hardness tester can measure whether the hardness of the steel material is qualified or consistent

Quality control during plastic tray mold processing
During the mold processing, we will also carry out basic quality control on the steel material. The processing is divided into three steps: the first step is rough machining; the second step is semi-finishing some precision molds; the third step is high-speed milling and finishing. We have always paid attention to the anti-deformation control of steel materials during processing.

Inspection before the first tryout
Before the first mold trial, the mold will be disassembled for the quality inspection department to inspect according to the mold trial standards. If it is unqualified, the mold trial will not be allowed.

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