Injection molding chair mold | chair mould | chair molds manufacturer

Injection molding chair mold | chair mould | chair molds manufacturer

Ism mold is an excellent high-tech plastic mold manufacturer with an experienced team that can provide you with comprehensive solutions for high-quality injection molding molds: from plastic chair concept design, plastic chair mold design, mold processing to injection molding training , has a complete set of service items. If customers have needs for other injection molding aspects, such as production line services, Ism can also provide economical and reasonable plastic chair solutions to make customers' chair production more efficient.

Armchair mold, armless chair mold, dining chair mold, children's chair mold, air-assisted chair mold, plastic rattan chair mold, art chair mold, folding chair mold, bus chair mold

Table and chair molds: including overall table molds, assembled table molds, rectangular table molds, square table molds, dining table molds, coffee table molds, coffee table molds, etc. During design, ISM will consider designing an anti-deformation structure to avoid product deformation after injection molding.

ISM provides the best service to its customers. According to customer requirements, Jinnuo Mold Industry has formulated professional technical solutions to achieve the best furniture mold design and structure.

ISM Mould Make


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