What can we do about bottle Crate Mould?

What can we do about bottle Crate Mould?

Our company produces Crate Mold for beer bottles and Coke bottles, and provides customers with bottle Crate molding solutions!

ISM's latest Coke box mold design has four sloping tops and four side walls with pierced handles. For this type of Coke box, we can make two out of one, with a molding cycle of up to 35 seconds and fully automatic demoulding.

This type of coke box mold has four side sliders, four inclined tops in the core part, and a slider connecting rod at each corner of the mold cavity. The Coke crate is a popular design that protects glass bottles from vibrations from trucks and the force of collisions between Coke bottles.

Mold name: bottle Crate Mould

  Product size: 400x300x280mm

  Product description: Bottle turnover box

  Mold cavity: 1 cavity

  Mold size: 860x760x700mm

  Applicable machine: DKM 650T

  Main material of mold: DIN 1.2344

  Mold injection system: 4-point needle valve hot runner

  Mold ejection system: push plate

  Mold cycle time: 40S

  Mold life: 3M

  Delivery time: 75 working days

  Mold features: Our company produces beer bottle and cola bottle Crate Mould, and provides customers with high-speed molding solutions for different types of bottle turnover box molds!

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