high speed Crate mould

high speed Crate mould

ISM MOULD 4 cavities crate mould design have been updated many times, it is suitable for high speed injection moulding, e.g. crate size 400*300*160mm, moldmax in the moulding area, the injection speed can approach 32 seconds. Come please, we are the profesional.


ISM Mould specializes in designing and making plastic crate injection mould. From 2005 until today, ISM Mould has had many great achievements in plastic crate injection mould development and manufacturing. 

ISM Mould has organized our facility for efficiency using the latest principles of lean manufacturing. Our capabilities now include prototyping, an injection workshop, and a state of the art QC lab. To help realize the benefits of consistent quality systems and business practices, ISM Mould invested the time and effort to be awarded the IATF 16949: 2016 & IS09001-2008 Quality Certification.

We are equipped with a set of advanced processing systems and fine machines, like CMM, Grinding, CNC Machines, Low-Speed Wire-Cutting Machines, EDM,. etc. We deeply believe that quality and speed are key elements to winning the competition. Advanced machines, not only can improve the quality continuously, but also shorten the production cycle and make customers' products more competitive in the market.

Moulds Name : crate mould

Crate Size: 400x300x160mm

Product description: Fruits plastic crate

Crate Mould cavity: 4 cavities

Crate Mould Size: 1520x1202x850mm

Suitable machine: 1200T Dakumar machine

Crate Mould main material: MOLDMAX Copper Beryllium+DIN 1.2311

Crate Mould life: 5000K

Crate Mould Injection system: 16 points ANOLE hot nozzle with point gate.

Crate Mould Ejection system: Stripper plate

Crate Mould running: Full automaticity

Crate Mould features: High classic very mature crate mould structure, The application of Copper Beryllium leads to best cooling effect, ANOLE hot runner ‿professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production.

Crate Mould Injection cycle time : 32 seconds

Delivery time : 90 days

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