Injection plastic Pallet mould manufacturer

Injection plastic Pallet mould manufacturer

Focus on various types of injection pallet moulds, including double-layer plastic pallet moulds, large plastic pallet moulds, Tian-shaped pallets and grid pallet moulds!

Our services include design, mold manufacturing, product injection molding processing, assembly and other subsequent processes.

As a professional pallet mold manufacturer, we give the following suggestions regarding the manufacturing of pallet molds:

Core cavity material selection: (according to customer's needs), our professional suggestions: Pre-hardened steel: P20 (1.2311), P20+Ni...etc.; Hard steel: H13 (1.2344) / NAK80...etc. Stainless steel: ASSAB Stavax …wait

Mold base selection: (according to customer needs), we recommend customers to use Longji standard mold base, the material is S50C or P20

Core cavity hardness requirements: Pre-hardened steel: HRC 30~32+-1* Heat-treated steel: HRC 50~52+-1*

Core demoulding: (according to product requirements). Commonly used methods: motor, oil cylinder, stripping plate, ejector pin...etc.

Mold accessories: DME/ HASCO standard parts.

Surface treatment: According to product requirements, usually includes skin texture and polishing;

Mold life: (according to material grade), under ideal conditions, 1. Pre-hardened steel, minimum. 20~300000 molds; 2. Hard/heat-treated steel: 60~800000 molds. 3. Stainless steel: 1000000 molds.

Runner: 1. Cold runner 2. Hot runner 3. Cold runner + hot runner

Delivery time: 80~90 days after first trial mold delivery;

Packaging: Standard wooden box packaging

Production: Injection molding production, follow-up processes.

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