Plastic Pallet Mould

Plastic Pallet Mould

Parameters of Plastic Pallet Mold  high-quality plastic pallet mould manufacturer in china
Name        : Pallet 1200*1000
Weight      : 16.25Kg
Material     : HDPE
Shrinkage  : 1.8%
Mould size          : 2480*1980*1514mm
Mould weight      : 19T
Mould base steel : 1730
Core and cavity steel         : 718H
Type of injection machine : HT2400T
Recycle time      : 180s

Pallets are cargo platforms for the transport of goods and are widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and distribution. In the early days, most pallets were made of wood, but nowadays plastic pallet has gradually replaced wooden pallet due to predictability and long life. The production of plastic pallet is inseparable from plastic pallet mould. At present, most companies use plastic injection moulding or blow moulding to produce plastic pallet. Plastic pallets produced by injection moulding are low in price but high in precision and good in quality. As a high-quality plastic pallet mould manufacturer in china, Chennuo's

plastic pallet mould types include recyclable, foldable, etc. Which have been sold in more than 50 countries. Chennuo also have customized plastic pallet moulding line for more than 200 customers, such as the pallet moulding line for shelf, plastic logistics, beverage...

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