Custom Plastic Injection Chair Mould-ISM MOULD

Custom Plastic Injection Chair Mould-ISM MOULD

Welcome to ISM Plastic Mold Co., Ltd., we have 16 years of experience in mold making, about 100 employees, we are specialized in chair mold manufacturing (including children's chairs, office chairs, chairs, beach chair molds and coffee chairs) with and without armrests Arm chair mold. Our mold quotations are all high quality and reasonable.

Now please allow me to introduce how to make the chair mould:

First, we need to scan the original sample for measuring points;

Secondly, use the computer to design the 3D chair;

Third, after the 3D design is confirmed by the customer, ISM will start the chair mold actual design. The chair mold design will also be sent to the customer for confirmation and then the mold starts to process. At the same time, JMT sales manager will provide a weekly mold progress report, so that customers are very clear about the manufacturing situation of the mold.

Fourth, when the mold is finished, there will be 3 mold trials.

1. T0 is used by ISM company to check the mold condition by itself, if there is any problem, we will modify it by ourselves.

2. T1 is for customers, if you don’t have time to check directly, please don’t worry, ISM will provide you mold test video and mold report. We will modify the mold according to the customer's feedback, it usually takes 10 days, then the ISM customer will send the sample again for customer confirmation, when we receive the customer's consent, we will prepare the mold for shipment.

3. The last mold trial is for us to check and confirm that the mold can work normally at the customer.

Finally, the surface of the mold is coated with anti-rust oil and then wrapped with plastic film, and finally, it is put into a wooden box for transportation. ISM will provide one-year after-sales service.

So ISM is your wise choice. Give ISM a chance, and you will receive considerate and high-quality services. Welcome to send inquiry for injection chair mould, welcome to visit ISM!
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