Plastic rattan chair mould injection molding custom manufacturer

Plastic rattan chair mould injection molding custom manufacturer

Mainly introduces the plastic rattan chair mould injection molding processing, customized manufacturer product customization process, product design pictures, etc. More information about plastic rattan chair injection mold processing 008613676642643

Product name: Plastic rattan chair mold injection molding custom manufacturer

Surface treatment: electroplating, spray painting

Production address: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Manufacturer: ISM MOULD

Processing mode: OEM/ODM customization, processing with incoming materials, processing with drawings and samples

Product quotation: price is negotiable, send email or call to communicate specific quotation

Shipping method: Negotiable by both parties themselves

Delivery time: Negotiable by both parties

Product quality certification: ISO9001

Shipping packaging: wooden pallet, according to customer requirements

Processing details

The interchangeable multi-purpose injection mold for processing plastic chairs includes a fixed platen and a movable platen. A fixed mold is placed under the fixed platen, a movable mold and a guide pillar are installed on the movable platen, fixed blocks are installed on both sides of the movable mold, and a cavity is set on the movable mold. There is an injection molded plastic chair mould between the cavity and the fixed mold. Lifting cylinders are installed on both sides of the cavity. The piston rod of the lifting cylinder is connected to the fixed block. There is an ejection plate in front of the cavity, and an ejection rod is installed on one side of the ejection plate. An ejection bracket is installed on the other side of the ejection plate, and an ejection cylinder is installed on the ejection bracket. The piston rod of the ejection cylinder is connected to the mold cavity. The ejection rod is driven by the ejection cylinder. The head of the ejection rod is in contact with the injection molding The plastic chair is in contact with the chair, and is characterized in that the movable mold is located at the chair back position and a chair back insert is installed, and blocking blocks are provided on both sides of the movable mold at the chair armrest position. The blocking blocks are driven by the piston rod of the blocking block cylinder, and the blocking blocks are connected with the moving mold. Match the glue inlet at the mold armrest.

Plastic rattan chair mould

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